Dacia Lodgy

Dacia : Lodgy « 3 Months Free »

Do we need a magic wand to pay for the first 3 months of credit instead of car owners regarding the new models? With the new Dacia monospace « Lodgy » the dream became a reality.

Dacia showcases the arrival of a new customer to the brand’s showroom, thus requiring the best value for money, being more seduced by the new offer of free first 3 months to benefit from on his credit.

Renault Dacia

3D Animated ad promo




Concept Art

 The challenge in this project was to create an idea by which the promotional message will supply to a demanding customer base while ensuring the quality of the final rendering of this film. The time was exactly a week of production which was a record time for the creation of an advertisement for the TV with the highest and best quality, that our client Renault Group absolutely required in addition of a total validation time before its release on TV.