Loterie Nationale

Loterie Nationale : Where the money goes?

« Where does the money go? « Is an animated film narrating the story of the Mascot » Khmisa « which represents the company of the Moroccan National Lottery since its inception in 1971 until now, explaining to the players of the lottery where does the money played go. With this institutional film, the company of the National Lottery seeks to explain more clearly the way of managing the money, from the collection of the played money to the profits of which turns the company.

A quite tricky topic for the company of the National Lottery but which they explain and clear up through their financial management strategy, to the players who ignore where does the money they play with go.

Loterie Nationale

3D Animated Web Film




Concept Art

Again the challenge in this film was about the difficulty and the time we had to create the right mascot that represents the company and its sector of activity by which we must convince the client artistically to validate his compatibility with the overall concept of the film, which should perfectly stick to the idea by which the client seeks to achieve his ultimate goal after viewing the animation.

Technically speaking it is a movie that lasts about 3 minutes, created entirely in 3D and contains motion graphics illustrating the contents of fairly accurate data provided by our client which we have carefully considered.