OCP : Extraction Process

Does anyone know exactly how Morocco has been geographically found under a phosphate gold mine? The answer is shown in the form of a 3D animation representing the origin of the creation of phosphate, which took thousands of years so that we can be able to extract it from our soil by fairly sophisticated means and which doesn’t harm the protection of our mother nature. Our client “Office Chérifien des Phosphates” insisted for the film to be more graphically and explanatory narrative with a silent movie showing the stages of creation and extraction to the distribution and finally the use of fertilizers.

The purpose was to create an interactive Quiz game around this animation to encourage people to participate with the curiosity to understand the procedure for the production of fertilizers of the OCP.

Office Chérifien des Phosphates

3D Animated Web Film






Concept Art

The challenge this time was to separate each stage of the production processes of fertilizer by showing exactly the process of phosphate mining with good machines, the exact structure and techniques used by the customer about this.

This sequence of steps is designed to be linked to the graphic presentation of the interactive Quiz game that OCP has designed to understand its process, a quite exciting challenge for us by synchronizing the contents of the animation done entirely in 3D between information learned from each stage of production and the establishment of the animation in the game Quiz which will be presented on interactive surfaces in the OCP booth at the international fair of agriculture in Morocco. Everything was done within two weeks of non-stop production in order to allow time for the programmers of the interactive application to incorporate the content of the animations in the game Quiz.